Looking More Closely at AI and the Reverse Arc of Digitalization

Posted by Comtrade Digital Services on Jul 8, 2020 12:00:04 PM

Over the past years, digitalization has been a buzzword for many companies, as they try to take advantage of new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud environments, to improve operations, centralize data, and enhance customer engagement.

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Topics: digital transformation, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning

Slovenia’s artificial intelligence and data science landscape

Posted by Boris Cergol on Jun 3, 2020 12:59:20 PM

When Slovenia appears in international media, it is often for being rediscovered as a beautiful tourist destination offering a great diversity of scenic natural sights and authentic experiences.

But recently, Slovenia has also captured some of the world’s attention by establishing the International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI), a first-of-its-kind global AI center backed by UNESCO [1]. This was widely regarded as a major achievement of the Slovenian AI research community and was even covered by Mark Minevich [2] and Rebecca Banovic [3] in Forbes magazine.

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Topics: artificial intelligence, data science, ecosystem

See the Unseen with Artificial intelligence: COVID-19 Story

Posted by Aleksa Radosavčević on May 13, 2020 12:24:35 PM

In every pandemic crisis throughout the history, analyzing data and numbers mattered. And the history isn’t short. In modern days, collected information material on crisis was analyzed upon the end of each pandemic, resulting in statistic reports, based on which key takeaways were drawn out. This knowledge accumulation is invaluable, and represents the foundation of modern epidemiology, setting up the rules and guidelines for handling pandemic crisis situations. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that AI provides an abundant arsenal of tools used to fight pandemic. 

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Topics: artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, covid19, coronavirus

Automated Machine Learning - is it really here?

Posted by Jasmina Ovčak on Mar 10, 2020 1:51:54 PM

When you read about Machine Learning (ML), and what this concept represents, everything may seem idyllic and simple - you have some data, you pass it on to an ML algorithm, and voila, magic happens. You get a model that can predict the future. Not long ago, I would’ve said: "Not so fast, there is a LOT of manual work behind this story, and you can't simplify ML just like that." However, today, when Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is a reality, I would’ve to think twice before saying this, and maybe even believe that magic does exist.

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How to improve Intelligent Energy Storage Systems using AI?

Posted by Uroš Bajec on Jun 21, 2019 3:37:20 PM

The consumption of electricity has to be perfectly matched with the generation of electricity at all times to ensure a stable and safe supply. Energy storage can help stabilize fluctuations in demand and supply by storing excess electricity and releasing it when the demand is high thus improving energy efficiency. This is particularly evident in case of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind because of their inherent intermittency of power generation - the power is generated only when there is plenty of sun and wind but this does not always coincide with the demand in the electric grid.

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Topics: predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, energy, data science