How to make MaaS (Mobility as a Service) reality?

Posted by Marko Javornik on Oct 23, 2017 2:19:40 PM

I’m just on my way from Berlin, where I had the privilege to give a keynote speech at the Wocomoco conference. Wocomoco – as it can be seen by its name – is not just a usual conference on mobility services, but really tries to bring new, innovative and different perspectives to the table from around the globe – many great speakers and ideas, lots of great discussions, and an excellent opportunity for me to reflect.

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Life without a privately-owned car

Posted by Marko Javornik on Apr 13, 2017 5:30:44 PM

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Singapore ITS Summit 2017, which has just concluded. Singapore is such an amazing country that offers so much to learn from. While we are working hard in Europe to create mobility services that would get rid of the second and third family car, 55% of households in Singapore do not own a car at all. There are about 100 privately owned cars per 1,000 citizens compared to 500 cars in Europe. The country’s efforts to decrease the number of privately cars further have met with success, while the number of private cars in Europe is increasing in many countries. And yet, Singapore has one of the most efficient, affordable and clean transportation systems. While it feels funny talking to them about the “Mobility-as-a-Service” movement in Europe, they have the culture of wanting to improve further and get the best out of all continents.

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Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is not like Spotify

Posted by Marko Javornik on Mar 10, 2017 9:42:06 AM

The second edition of Cosmos conference in Ingolstadt has just wrapped up. For the second time, my dear friend Prof. Harry Wagner – a top German expert on Smart Mobility - organized a conference around mobility services. It’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on what happened in the last year.

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The rise of Mobility Services

Posted by Marko Javornik on Mar 3, 2017 10:26:29 AM

Have you ever asked yourself how our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will move around and what their world will look like? To be honest, the visions about the future of urban mobility can seem a bit like science fiction. But is the disruption of mobility as we know it really that far away? In reality, it will probably only take around 5 years until shared, connected, electric and autonomous mobility becomes mainstream. There are already many initiatives and start-ups working to disrupt the traditional way of how we consume transportation. An increasing number of people living in densely populated areas is starting to realize that there should be a smarter, more sustainable way to satisfy their mobility needs. But how do we change old habits? And how can the new inventions be connected into a truly holistic mobility system that can fundamentally change the current outdated approach and drive the benefits that are so badly needed by the cities and its citizens?


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